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Game rules

Rock, paper, scissors is a popular children's game known worldwide.

Users can top up game balance in popular cryptocurrencies and start playing the game with other rivals. The game is taken place only with real users.


The game is played with the most popular cryptocurrencies like:

Tether (USDT)

can be deposited from any external crypto wallet or exchange with the Deposit crypto tab.

BLA Token (BLA)

can be purchased directly at BlaBlaGame website during pre-sale.


The winner is determined according to the following rules:

Rock beats scissors Rock can destroy a pair of scissors
Scissors beat paper Scissors cut paper
Paper beats rock Paper can cover the Rock

If the rivals chose the same object in the game then this is a draw


and nobody won in this created game. The bid amount of the game is returned to the creator of the game and the creator's rival balances. No fee is charged from the players.


The winner of the game is rewarded with the total amount of the game minus the 3% fee from the total of the game.

The total amount of the game is the sum of the creator's bid and his rival's one.

The charged fee is distributed between daily cashback from the system to the players, referral rewards, daily and monthly bank of bonuses and reward to the BlaBlaGame.io platform (check 'Fees and limits' page for more details).

Note, if the game currency is BlaBlaGame token (BLA), the total charged fee for the winner is 2.2%.


Players can choose different game strategies:

create their own games (and wait until rival play it) or play in already created rivals' games.

All the created games are protected with the SHA-256 algorithm (Secure Hash Algorithm) which was designed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and first published in 2001.

[The algorithm guarantees] that the object of the created game cannot be compromised by anyone. Moreover, no one has an access to the object of created games as all of them are stored on the server in encrypted form.


For competition purposes, all the players participate in BlaBlaGame Rating system.

To get to the next rating level, you need to have a certain number of BLA tokens in your account and win a certain number of games in Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Become a BlaBlaGame champion! TO THE MOON!


Invest in BlaBlaGame tokens (BLA) with Buy BLA-tokens tab. BLA token is a key part of BlaBlaGame rating system.

How can you benefit from BLA-tokens and higher rating level? You will receive:

  • – Advanced cashback
  • – Advanced referral rewards
  • – Advanced token sale referral rewards in BLA-tokens
  • – Access to the premium video tutorials section
  • – Exclusive access to VIP Telegram club
  • – Priority in customer support service